HTML Email Templates

We develop HTML email templates to any level needed to provide a branded emailing solution, some of our clients use our templates on mailing services like constant contact, or godaddy. We also develop datbases that store your mailing lists, provide pages for opting in, develop email composer's where you can create high quality HTML emails using our custom email templates.

AFM Newsletter Header

Just as an HTML document has a header section embeded in the code which tells web browsers information about the document, emails have headers that tell a mail client what type of message is attached, who it is from and other information about the origin, and reply to email address.

Creating a proper header is paramount to successful delivery, we have proven time and time again for multiple clients that our custom email systems work. From local messaging between web site users, to external emails from web site members, our email applications are put through constant use day in and day out. Buttonwood Newsletter Template Above: A newsletter header used in an email template on Buttonwood Quilts.

Below: the email composer at AFM Football Recruits, users can choose from predefined messages, or type their own message and send to pre-selected college football coaches.
AFM Football Recruits Email Template